Through the years we have been learning more about the dangers of lead and lead based materials found in the home. Those mostly at risk of its effects are unborn babies, babies and small children. How worried should you be about lead dangers in the home?

If you home was built 40 yrs or more ago, there is a greater possibility that lead paint was used, both in the interior as well as the exterior of the house.

A big problem that could arise is lead paint dust and paint chips. Even the soil around the home can contain these.

Another area that lead can be found is lead piping. This type of piping found in the plumbing system could affect your drinking water.

Are you someone who enjoys antiques and older furniture? These type of items could also contain lead.

If I find lead in the home, should I always be concerned?

The answer depends on the condition the paint in your home is in. It is not as much of a issue if it is in good condition, but if the paints starts to show signs of damage and is chipping or peeling, then you need to address the problem.

Why is this you might ask? Paint which is scratched, dented or knocked can cause dust. If this paint is lead paint, it becomes a hazard as this dust settles anywhere and everywhere. As the household inevitably touches these dust covered areas, it transfers onto them. A household with young children are especially at risk here as children touch everything and will breathe in this dust.

Lead, as we’ve mentioned can also be found in the soil. It is easy to bring this into the house, as it is transported on shoes and boots.

If you feel concerned about lead in your home, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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