You might remember linoleum flooring from your childhood, but interestingly enough, it is once again becoming common in homes. With very affordable pricing, as well as, a wide selection of styles, more and more people are choosing linoleum. Some choose linoleum because it is made from renewable resources, and thus good for the environment.

Installation is usually fairly simple, and if you decide to do it yourself, it could save you some money. 

Linoleum does have a few shortcomings, and because of this, your care for the flooring is very important. Using certain chemicals on linoleum can create unsightly pits in the flooring. This is the case both with alkaline and acidic chemicals. Instead, you should use a broom or a vacuum for everyday cleaning. If you need to use something else, you can use water with a mop, but you should still be careful not to leave behind puddles, since this too could be damaging to the flooring.

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