Is your water hard or soft? Some homeowners might not know, while others have to deal with it every day. Hard water has a very high mineral content due to running through mineral deposits before it makes it to your faucet. You might notice calcium deposits on surfaces where water evaporates. It also makes it so that lather doesn’t form as easily from soaps, so if your shampoo doesn’t lather that well in the shower, you might be dealing with hard water.

While drinking hard water can have some beneficial health effects, the effect it has on your plumbing is only harmful. Calcium deposits can build up inside of your pipes and lead to restricted water flow. Your water heater is very prone to the harmful effects of hard water since the minerals can build up quickly inside of your water heater. If you are dealing with hard water, you definitely should make sure your water heater is regularly cleaned out through the drain valve. 

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