Getting ready to do some minor DIY repairs on the inside of your home? Here are some necessary rental tools that you will need in order to complete your tasks.

For carpet cleaning, you can rent light duty carpet cleaners from your local hardware store, which require a special cleaning solution. However, if it is a tougher cleaning that needs to be done, more heavy duty cleaners are built to do the job, which you can also find at your local hardware store.

For painting high ceilings, going up and down ladders are a must. So, ladders can be rented from your local hardware store as well. However, you have to get the right height or it will make the job much more difficult to complete. So, scaffolding might be your next best option, with adjustability, you can easily get your painting done.

For hardwood finish, a drum sander can easily remove the old finish from the floor. For the smaller areas where the drum sander can’t reach, a handheld sander can do the job. These are just a few tools and equipment you can get from your local hardware store to complete your inside DIY projects.


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