When there is a power surge, terrible things can happen to your sensitive electronics. If you have a TV that cost you quite a bit of money to buy, you probably would like to make sure that it isn’t busted by a random spike in your power grid. Your best friend in this case is a surge protector. These devices aren’t that expensive, but they will make a huge difference in the worst-case scenario. While they look like a regular power strip, they are made in such a way that your electronics will be protected.

Some of these surge protectors will even come with a warranty for the connected electronics, but before you use that as a deciding factor, you should see if people have been successful with getting reimbursed for that warranty with the brand in question.

One important point to keep in mind is that your surge protector needs to be plugged into a grounded receptacle for it to function properly. If not, it will not protect your equipment.

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