Very few things can make you feel as exposed and vulnerable as having your home invaded by burglars. Even if you aren’t home when they break in, it is difficult to regain that sense of safety that you once had in your home. This one reason why it is a good idea to do what you can to avoid becoming a victim. Looking at some statistics about burglaries you can learn a lot. For example, most burglars make it in through your front door, so it is wise to ensure that you have a sturdy door with a deadbolt lock in a solid frame. This will make it difficult for a burglar to break in that way.

If you want to discourage a burglar from trying to break into your home, the warnings that there is an alarm system in the home will make many of them think twice before even trying.

Avoid announcing your vacations and such on an open social media account since burglars can find that information. You should also arrange to have your home cared for when away so it isn’t obvious that it is empty.

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