If I were to tell you that your faucet flow rate is low, do you know what it means? Not everyone is familiar with the concept, but homes should have a rate of approximately 1 gallon per minute, and there are many things that could affect that. Measuring your flow rate is fairly simple. As a shortcut, you can fill a container for 15 seconds and then multiply the water collected by 4. That number is your flow rate for that faucet. If you have an aerator on the faucet, you’ll see a lower number, and you are keeping your water consumption down, but what if it is a lot higher? Well, it is something that should be remedied, because it could damage your pipes over time.
If you have a plumber install a pressure regulator, you’ll see a difference, and you will protect your plumbing system from damage. This regulator can also help with a low flow rate if you find that your water doesn’t have very good pressure.

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