You found the perfect home – you love the layout, the backyard, your proximity to work, and so much more. You also schedule a home inspection – because you don’t want any surprises. A home inspection is one of the best things you can get. But one part of your home that a home inspector can’t inspect is your neighbors.

Neighbors are kind of like roommates. If you don’t like them, you are either stuck with them, or you have to move. The problem is, when you buy a house, it is a bit more permanent. So while you get your house inspected, make sure you “inspect” your neighbors too.

We aren’t talking about spying on them or anything weird, but instead, something as simple as knocking on their door and introducing yourself. Have a conversation with them and get to know them a little bit. You will likely pick up some good (and not so good) things about them pretty quickly.

As a side point, though, it is never a bad idea to check the sexual offender registry before buying a home. Knowing any dangers in the area ahead of time is important.

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