Do you want to protect yourself? This can mean many different things depending on what situation you are in. It could include home security, wearing a seat-belt or using anti-virus on your computer, just to mention a few areas of your life. What about when you’re doing work around your home? To protect yourself, you should wear your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This term covers anything that you wear to keep from getting hurt when using chemicals, tools or just working in an elevated location. Many times you will find recommended PPE listed on the tool or the chemical you are about to use, and it can be protective eye-wear, hearing protection, fall protection, gloves or something similar. The important thing is to wear the PPE for the duration of time that you are doing the task in question. It is easy to decide to take it off just because it would make the task less complicated or cumbersome, but that is the best way to get yourself hurt. Remember that saving time is never a good reason to risk bodily harm or even death.

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