Imagine that you are frying up something really greasy in the kitchen. There is smoke everywhere and your smoke detector is going off. What is going wrong? Well, most likely, your kitchen exhaust fan isn’t doing what it is supposed to.

This could be due to the fan being improperly installed, or because there isn’t any ductwork leading outside. While there are fans that are classified as “Ductless” these are nowhere near as efficient as the real thing.

There needs to be a duct funneling the smoke and grease from your kitchen to the outside. There should also be a filter in the fan that keeps all that grease from building up in the duct, but if you don’t replace the filter, it will soon lead to the fan being less efficient, and it could pose a fire hazard.

The duct exhaust shouldn’t be near doors or windows where the fumes could be sucked back into your home, and you should have a grate covering the exhaust vent to make sure that bugs and other critters aren’t attracted by the smells coming from your kitchen.

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