We have heard so much distressing news lately related to wide spread fire, and while we may not be in a place at risk of wild fires, fires in the home happen everywhere. When thinking about all of the destruction a fire can cause, our minds immediately think of the safety and well being of our families and anyone living in the house with us. Then comes thinking about the kind of the damage to your home.

While thinking about the kind of damage you could face, you would likely assume that the greater part of the damage would come from smoke and the fire itself, yet there are other types of damage caused by a house fire.  What are they?

As we’ve mentioned, the fire itself would cause a great deal of the damage. Were you aware though, that fire does more than just destroy things, it also leaves behind caustic substances. Some damage is not even visible to the naked eye.

Another evident result of a fire is smoke damage. While smoke damage is obvious from visible damage caused to walls and other parts of the house, its also a health concern because, if not completely taken care of can cause respiratory problems down the road.

Where would we be without the much-needed help from the firefighters? However, this help comes at a cost. Firefighters have to use a lot of water to put out the fire, which will also damage your house in many ways. If not dried out immediately, the water damage will lead to issues with mold.

We want you all to stay very safe in your home and hope you never have to deal with the horrible effects of a house fire.

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