Do you have upcoming home maintenance projects that you will need to hire someone to do? All too often, an innocent home owner becomes the victim of a home repair scam. We don’t want this to happen to you, so what are some ways to ensure you do not fall prey to a dishonest tradesperson?


When it comes to shopping around for estimates, you might be given different prices depending on the area you live. For example, a person living in a wealthier area might be quoted a higher price. To avoid this, try to get an estimate before giving out your address. That way, the you will know that the price is not based on your location.


Con men, sad to say, often prey on those who are more vulnerable like the elderly. Keep this in mind, especially if a tradesman calls you on the phone or comes to the door trying to get you to have work done. Ask them for their address and be weary of those who shy away from giving it to you. A scam artist will not want to give you much information about themselves. Check out their credentials before you hire them.


Only hire contractors that are licensed for the job you want done. Make sure you have a fixed price for the work before the job starts, and ensure it is all down in a written contract.  That way, they will not be able to add expensive extras to the price. Also, keep in mind that although you may be required to put a small deposit down, never put too large of a one or pay for the whole job up front


This is just a few of the many dishonest practices to watch out for. Please feel free to contact us with further questions.

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