Do you wake up in the morning with tiny little bites all over your body? If so, you are probably suffering from a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs were almost completely unheard of just a few decades ago when the pesticide DDT was used, but when the serious side-effects of that chemical were discovered, use of DDT was banned. In recent years, bed bugs have made a serious resurgence. Besides the lack of an effective pesticide to deal with them, international travel has also lead to bed bugs migrating from countries where they are proliferant to countries like the US where they were almost non-existent.

Hotels are one of the worst places for bed bug spread. If you stay in a hotel room, you should inspect the bed and furniture before you start unpacking to make sure you don’t take any bed bugs home. You can usually find them collecting in the seams of the mattress, so if you pull on the fabric around there, you should be able to find a cluster of bugs if there are any.

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