When you take a shower, you expect the water to drain away, and not build up around your feet, but this is not always the case. What can you do about a slow shower drain? While your first instinct might be to go out and get some drain chemical, this is not an ideal solution, since these can do damage to your pipes, the environment and your septic system.

Usually, a slow drain is due to clogs of hair and soap. Sometimes just pouring hot water down the pipe will be enough to dislodge a clog, but if this doesn’t help, you might want to try getting to the clog with a snake or a wire hanger. Once the clog starts moving, it will usually keep going. You can also try plunging your tub. You just need to cover up the overflow drain to prevent it from releasing pressure. Always be careful so as not to damage the pipes when trying to remove clogs.

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